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The List O' Links

Listed below are some links to anime and gaming sites that I find interesting and you will too. Some are relics of a bygone era and haven't been updated in years. Others are still active, receiving at least somewhat regular updates.

- IroIro
(Last updated March 14, 2019)

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The Anime Cafe - Sure the site hasn't been updated in 15 years, but if you want write ups of series from the 80s and 90s with a snapshot of the anime zeitgeist circa 1997-2001, this web site provides an interesting window into that time.

Chibi Land - Sailor Moon fan page with lots of info on the show and characters. Includes a bunch of animated GIFs and a snazzy selection of MIDI music from the series. (MIDI files! <3)

Districts - A good ol' fashioned web directory. I miss these and find them way more useful for discovering web sites than anything modern search has to offer.

Hardcore Gaming 101 - Long-running video game website with an exhaustive look at the medium. The site focuses on older titles, with a flair for the obscure.

Lunar Net - Remember the Lunar series? They were JRPGs developed by Game Arts during the 90s. While many have forgotten these games, Lunar Net still keeps the lights on for it. This site has been running since the late 90s!

RPG Classics - Lots of information on role-playing games from the PS2 era and earlier. The site covers RPGs for handhelds, home consoles, and the personal computer.